The most advanced
digital location in
the Caribbean

We are developing a leading Technology Innovation Ecosystem, with the benefit of reliable, enduring and advanced IT, intellectual property and immigration laws in the Cayman Islands.

We are TechCayman. Visualize us as a portal through which existing and new companies operate in the Cayman Islands while enjoying a unique range of advantages specific to our network.

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World-Class laws to create, promote and protect Intellectual Property and Digital Assets


Intellectual Property and Digital Assets


On 30 June 2016, Part 1 of the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act ,1988 was extended to the Cayman Islands, subject to certain exclusions and modifications, at the request of the Government.


On 19 December 2016, the Patents and Trade Marks (Amendment) Law, 2016 was gazetted, and is in force.

Trade Marks

On 19 December 2016, the Trade Marks Law, 2016 was gazetted and in force.

Design Rights

On 19 December 2016, the Design Rights Registration Law, 2016 was gazetted and is in force.


Access to Funding

Depending on funding needs, TechCayman will tap into to our Silicon Valley and Global Tech network.

  • Access to different types of investors – seed, super angels, angel networks, venture capital (Pre-series A and Series A/B/C), growth and institutional investors
  • Access to certain corporate investors for those seeking strategic investors
  • Associated with this access, introductions to potential mentors and advisors can be arranged

Investor Network
of seed, venture
and growth

Immigration pathway
designed for TechCayman


Attract Top Tech Talent

Our sponsored enterprises enjoy unique concessions to attract the top talent in the Tech industry.

  • Streamlined (30 days) start-up process for sponsored enterprises
  • Three-year renewable work permits granted within just 10 days
  • No restrictions on the number of work permits
  • No H1-b visa constraints
  • ​Flat-rate annual work permit fees
  • ​Special 15-day invitations issued to visitors collaborating with any Sponsored Enterprise
  • ​No restrictions on spouses and dependents living and seeking employment in the Cayman Islands
  • ​6-month Visitor Visas available for immediate family including parents and in-laws of a work permit holder

Tax Neutral

The unique, guaranteed tax-free regime for TechCayman’s sponsored enterprises is unlike anywhere else in the world.

  • No corporate tax for 30 years
  • No capital gains tax for 30 years
  • No sales tax for 30 years
  • No income tax for 30 years
  • No payroll tax for 30 years
  • No withholding or other taxes on the repatriation of up to 100% of capital and profits for 30 years

No corporate,
income, sales
or capital
gains tax

Dedicated Client Services Team to manage each detail of streamlined set-up and relocation


Concierge Service

Our client services team offers a “one-stop shop,” complete concierge service to ensure your business, employees and their families are fully supported in all aspects of relocation.

Included in the variety of services, our team can assist with:

  • Individualized office set-up
  • Accommodations
  • Education placements
  • Immigration & HR services
  • Introductions to a network of trusted service providers
  • Legal support services
  • Streamlined access to healthcare
  • Outsourcing agreements

Proximity to the Americas

As a sub-region of North America, the Cayman Islands are ideally located to allow for a wide range of personal and business conveniences, and boast year-round warmth and state-of-the art infrastructure and attractions.

  • 55+ weekly flights between the Cayman Islands and the US, Canada and the UK
  • Miami only 1-hr flight away
  • New York only 4-hr flight away
  • Eastern time zone
  • English speaking
  • British legal system
  • Politically stable, protected and safe
  • Highest standard of living in the Caribbean

Daily direct
flights to the
US & Eastern
time zone

Living & Working
in the Cayman Islands

We are committed to our youth by providing an array of opportunities for career development in Technology.

Our focus on Immersion Technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality engages students in Tech possibilities and inspires future innovations.

By hosting and aggressively supporting STEM learning programs, TechCayman will have a long-term impact by increasing student interest in the Technology field.

As more of our Cayman's youth choose Technology as a career, the Tech industry becomes a key component of the country’s future.

TechCayman’s internship and mentorship programs open doors to an accessible Tech ecosystem that will grow and create numerous employment and career opportunities in the Cayman Islands.

The Grand Pavilion
802 West Bay Road
P.O. Box 32336
KY1-1209 Cayman Islands